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Our modus operandi is strict adherence to the prescribed curriculum by the education board for STEM education for students of age groups from Grade V – Grade XII. In India, we follow CBSE, ICSE and Delhi state board curriculum. We follow international curriculum prescribed by IB and IGCSE board for students undertaking international IGCSE certificate or A-level exams through Cambridge, Oxford or other equivalent university schools. We provide tutorials mainly in life sciences, biotechnology and engineering at university/college level for graduate and post-graduate students. We also offer short-term skill training certified courses for cognitive development in children.

Offline home tutorials are conditional to the availability of a local tutor in your area. We encourage parents and students to avail online tutorial services for personality and aptitude development of your child. View our latest blogs on online education to know benefits of studying online.

Please note:

*Applicable rates per hour vary with the qualification/experience of the tutor.

*Applicable rates per hour vary for home tutorials in individual’s resident or locality

*Applicable rates per hour vary for individual 1-to-1 and group tutorials.


Subjects offered

English, General Science, Mathematics, Home Science, Chemistry, Physics, Earth Science, Biology, Life Sciences, Microbiology, Genetics, Proteomics & Enzymology, Biochemistry, Pharmacology, Applied Sciences, Paramedical sciences and Engineering (non-IT)


Regular coaching and Crash Courses available for students from V – VIII, IX, X, XI, XII, BSc., B.Tech, MSc., M.Tech, B.Ed

Academic Board

CBSE, ICSE, Delhi State Board, IB, IGCSE


We provide vocational education and training to students of specific age-groups on extra-curricular basis for skill enhancement. Please refer to our Vocational Education Guide for details of various programs currently being offered by VMG Academy & Consultants. Undergraduate or postgraduate collegiate students pursuing diploma/degree program in any university are also welcome to apply for apprenticeship & vocational training programs on customized basis. We assist students to complete their university project with necessary training and mentorship. To apply, please email or Click here to submit your message. 




Do you hesitate to speak English?

Do you want to upgrade academic skills?

Do you often make grammatical mistakes in writing?

Do you find it difficult to understand important terms?

Do you communicate confidently with others in English?

Do you engage in debates, group discussions or general talks?

Do you want to learn conversation techniques in English medium?

Do you want to learn to describe situations and express your thoughts easily?

If your answer is YES to the above questions then you should consider professional coaching for English language. At VMG Academy & Consultants, we are committed towards competitive English tutorials for academic learning purposes. We also provide professional training for competitive English examinations like IELTS, TOEFL, & PTE to keep you ahead in the times of global competitiveness or pursue academic degree in native English speaking countries. To apply for English language training, please email or Click here to fill the online registration.


Are you a job seeker?

Are you professionally oriented?

Are you worried about your job or career?

Are you confused between job and career?

Do you possess professional skills that best fit into desired job roles?  

Do you have concerns over industrial prospects after technical education?

Do you have concerns over business prospects after management education?

Do you pursue voluntary work, social services or professional development?

If your answer to most of the above questions is YES then you should consider professional consultation for your career concerns. At VMG Academy & Consultants, we are committed towards professional development of candidates of through series of expert consultations, vocational training programs and career workshops. We guide teachers, doctors, scientists, engineers, labor, farmers, veterinary practitioners, sports personnel, travelers and journalists for professional development. To enroll yourself for “free trial career consultation”, please email or Click here to submit your message


Is your financial budget a hindrance to your education?

Do you find it hard to pursue educational degree of your choice?

Are you confused on how to select the right college or university?

Are you a scholar but cannot get admission in good college/university?

Are you seeking admission into post graduate or master courses?

Are you seeking admission into a foreign university or institute?

Should you pursue full-time, part-time, correspondence or open school education?

Should you focus on personality development, professional development or technical skills?

Should you pursue education in Government College, national university or private institution?

If your answer to most of the above questions is YES then you should consider professional consultation for your educational concerns. At VMG Academy & Consultants, we are committed to make professionals out of armature students before they pursue degree/diploma/certificate course of their choice through series of expert consultations & career workshops. WE CAN GUARANTEE YOU 100% ADMISSION WITH THE LEAST COMPROMISE IN YOUR CAREER. We facilitate admission guidance, CV & SOP preparation, foreign university applications, financial planning, immigration planning, vocational education, apprenticeship & internships programs so that you can dream big, work hard and achieve better. To enroll yourself for “free trial education consultation”, please email or Click here to submit your message.


Let us assist you professionally in your all documentation needs such as  Monogram preparation, Pharmacy Dossier, Common Technical Document (CTD), Product Specifications, Analytical product review, Engineering review, Manufacturing process review, Quality review, Batch Documents, and Service document for process and maintenance.

We also expertise in Translation of Medical Reports, Translation of Clinical Reports, Translation of Radiology Reports, Translation of Laboratory Research, Translation of Technical data and Documentation for Clinical Trials

We prepare Company Brochures and Digital content for Publication in print and electronic media or advertisement.

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Digital Publication Guide

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Healthcare products can be natural organic compounds, biological compounds or synthetic compounds which form the basis of Pharmaceutical, FMCG, Dairy, Food and beverage (F&B), Soap and glycerin and Cosmetic industries. Our academy facilitated with in-house testing laboratory helps you to undertake testing of food, beverages, pharmacy formulations, chemicals and biologics. We specialize in Biochemical Analytics to identify physiochemical, biochemical and physiomechanical characteristics of biomolecules, Microbiology testing, Toxicity and Potency analysis, Product review for quality and also help in improvisation of existing formulations.

Technical consultancy includes Technical Data Mining, Case studies, Engineering design, Manufacturing design and scale-up, Formulation design, Clinical & lab operations, Quality management, packaging, labeling & storage requirements, and SWOT analysis

We assist farmers, labors, factory workers, sports-person, journalists and tourists in Occupational health consultation (OHC), Firstaid training, Physiotherapy, Health, Diet & Nutrition consultation. We work on regulations pertaining to Occupational health certifications and Environment clearances such as Good Manufacturing Practices (GMPs).

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Industrial Consultation

Technology Transfer  

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